WAMSCO Board of Directors

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Shanda Hubertus, President Lake/small Agriculture
Terry Nillissen, Vice-President Agriculture Rep
Mark Emerick, Secretary Menominee Cty Lake Rep
Susan Johnson, Treasurer Menominee Cty Lake Rep
Dave Zelinger, Board Member Shawano Cty Lake Rep

History of WAMSCO

WAMSCO began in 2014 as an informal group of Lake Associations and Districts coming together to collaborate on common issues and what possible solutions had been successfully or unsuccessfully tried. It was led by Brenda Nordin, along with other Lake Leader Institute (Crew 10) graduates. After meeting a few times, it became apparent that this group was very beneficial to those in attendance and should be formalized and expand to cover ALL waterways in Menominee and Shawano Counties. A Board of Directors of citizens involved in their local waterways was nominated and bylaws were written. Government persons from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin Extension, and both Shawano and Menominee Land Conservation stepped up to be valuable resources at each and every board and general meeting that is held.


Maintain/Restore Healthy ecosystems for all waterways within Menominee and Shawano Counties.

Make educational material and resources that promote shoreline protection and restoration best management practices available to riparian property owners.

Develop and maintain cooperative relationships between riparian property owners, waterway users and watershed landowners and operators to work in a synergistic fashion implementing best management practices to achieve high water quality and healthy ecosystem within the watershed.

We Currently:

Have Annual General Membership Meetings each spring filled with pertinent presentations

Collaborate efforts and research data to assist multiple waterways

Make information available to stay up to date with best practices and research data

Assist with applying for grant money