Where's WAMSCO?!

Welcome to Where’s WAMSCO?! This is a fun an interactive scavenger hunt running the month of August in Shawano County. Each box will contain a small prize and a clue to the next treasure box! Whoever finds all 4 WAMSCO treasure boxes will be entered into a drawing for prizes!

If you have any questions, or would like to make donations for WAMSCO events, please contact us at wamscoevents@gmail.com

Thank you to all of the local businesses that donated prizes to make Where’s WAMSCO possible!

Luigi’s Pizza & Pasta Gift Card

2 night camping Gift Certificate for Shawano Lake County Park Campground

One Free Pizza from Shawano County Park snack shop


One day use of 2 single kayaks (or one two-person kayak) at Shawano County Park

One sweatshirt from Shawano County Park store

One day use of 2 stand up paddleboards at Shawano County Park

4 Movie passes for Shawano Cinema IV & Moonlight Outdoor Theatre

Two 4-person passes for Shawano Mini Golf

Bird Bucket (bird feeder and supplies!) -Tractor Supply Co!


Here are your weekly clues! Stay tuned as every Monday throughout August we will add another clue! You can also find the clues listed on our social medias. Happy hunting!


Box #1

This place offers many things, like delicious snacks, a place to relax, and even a place to nap. Rain deflectors are scattered about, and four legged friends are splashing around. My furry friends at times aren’t allowed, but luckily here they may join the crowd. Staring at the rain deflectors, I turn around, leaving my friends, and walk the sunset route. Once the sunset is no more, I travel on the name of a sandy shore.


Box #2

Behind a store that you need only a dollar, is a place where children gather and play. Not far from my view, I can see where four wheeled creatures play, or maybe it’s a place they go when things haven’t gone their way.  Sometimes I wish I was a bit closer, but a gravel trail is a pretty great neighbor.

Box #3

I like to play where the dinosaurs still roam. But don’t be scared as we don’t share the same home. Many love these slimy creatures, they even have a statue to remember her features.

Box #4

My location is not near any of the others. I like to reside in a place whose name is 🔔✈️. Unlike the others whose ground is connected, mine is surrounded by two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. 


Box #1

When the Fishermans day has come to an end, they offer a shower for his unwheeled friend.

Box #2

My gravel neighbor has a name, but only has shared their last name, Bay. Upon further exploration, they deliver this riddle. If you can solve their mysterious words, I will know more about them! “These landforms are so big, they cannot be missed. The world’s most famous one Is called Everest.”

Box #3

This dinosaur was 125 years old when they met, it’s no wonder they replicated her beauty!

Box #4

My home has many wavy neighbors, but I’m somewhere in between grass and 🌲